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Auto Glass Cleaner

Aiken Chemical Company in business since 1946, has established itself as a leading producer of high quality products that are sold throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Aiken’s products can be found at automotive, hardware, farm and fleet retail stores and commercial companies serving both professional and do-it-yourself customers.

Aiken manufactures many industrial and appearance cleaning products under the Purple Power® and Prime-Shine® brand names.

Purple Power® Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser is the Number One purchased Cleaner/Degreaser in the U.S. and has been since 2003 (as rated by the NPD Group).

Prime-Shine® brand appearance products produced by Aiken can be found at major retail accounts. These products include Car Wash, Car Wash & Wax, Tire Shines, Wheel & Trim Cleaners, Protectants, Spray Waxes & Detailers, Glass Cleaners and other products.

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